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Training Policies

Training Policies

Players Code of Conduct

I promise to:

  • Give 100% effort at training and in games
  • Do everything in my power to assure the team has outstanding chemistry
  • Arrive early and stretch before practice begins
  • Be willing to play in any playing position that is asked of me
  • Notify the coach if I am injured
  • Not compete (guest) in other competitions or with any other Clubs
  • Guest for another teams within my Club if asked
  • Make younger players feel comfortable
  • Encourage and mentor in a positive way all of the players younger than me within the Club
  • Maintain a positive attitude during all activities
  • Display good sportsmanship at all times
  • Play for the good of the game
  • Be a good soccer citizen and conduct myself with class and dignity at all times
  • Be punctual and ready for all times that I am required to be present for all activities
  • Follow the directions of my coaches and trainers
  • Respect my teammates, coaches and trainers.
    I will accept the authority of my coach when disciplined
  • Respect and not criticize opposing players, coach or teams
  • Respect and not criticize officials
  • Not use foul or degrading language while a player for the Club
  • Not engage in any fighting or unsportsmanlike conduct during any activity

Team Profile for Teamwork

• Work with each other
• Trust
• Selfless
• Appreciate each other
• Respect
• Sportsmanship

• Fight for each other
• Enthusiastic
• Encourage
• Listen to each other
• Supportive
• Communicate

Character Profile 

• Responsible
• Dedicated
• Respectful
• Disciplined
• Courageous
• Competitive
• Relentless

• Focused
Team Player
Hard Working






Training Policies

We have compiled a list of commonly asked questions and provided answers. If there is a question you do not see on the list, contact us!

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