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Weisman Children’s Rehabilitation Hospital Continues Relationship with Medford Strikers Players & Families

Medford Strikers Soccer Club is pleased to announce that Weisman Children’s Rehabilitation Hospital has renewed its commitment to the Club as its Premier Sponsor. The relationship between the Medford Strikers and Weisman Children’s, one of only two rehabilitation hospitals in New Jersey focused solely on the needs of infants, children and teens, began last year and has benefitted numerous Strikers players over the past 12 months. “Medford Strikers and Weisman have worked together to provide the best care possible for injured Strikers’ players, with the focus on long term successful outcomes, and we are happy to continue with this relationship,” said Medford Strikers President, Peter Kiriakatis.

The association, which allows for the coordination of efforts between the Club and the medical providers at Weisman, will continue to provide our players with outstanding medical care and rehabilitation services for another year. Pursuant to the agreement, Medford Strikers will again have priority access to diagnostic and therapy services at Weisman Children’s five regional facilities. Also, with parental consent, Weisman will work closely with Medford’s coaches to ensure all players are returning from injury fully cleared and ready to play. The club’s Technical Director, James Galanis, fully supports the relationship.
“Weisman Children’s participation in the recovery of our injured players plays an integral part in our goal to keep our players safe from chronic issues in the future. Full recovery is essential to our players’ development in soccer, as well as their protection from recurring injuries,” stated Coach Galanis.

One important service provided by Weisman Children’s Hospital is concussion diagnosis and monitoring. Medford Strikers take concussion injuries seriously, and under the agreement, Weisman Children’s Hospital will facilitate
baseline impact testing for all players not previously tested. “Our club values baseline impact testing and we are encouraging our players to take advantage of this convenient service provided to us by Weisman Children’s. Weisman
Children’s is also available for additional concussion testing for our players who may have suffered a head injury since initial testing,” said Kirikatis.

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