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Special Thanks to Some Hard Working Medford Striker Parents!

After wrapping up our summer training season, and with the kick off of the fall season just days away, Medford Strikers and their families enjoyed Labor Day Weekend celebrating at picnics, pools and the beach. However, a very special group of volunteers spent the weekend at our fields working on a major project involving construction of a new soccer field and renovation of an existing field. The Striker parents and supporters – Jamie Merklein (Medford Strikers Field Coordinator), Steve Kalinowski, Jeff Rizzo, Dave Neal, Bob Brown and Mike Oteri – worked long hours to complete the project which promises to benefit the entire club in the years to come.

Funded by the fundraising efforts of our families and the generosity of sponsors, such as Weisman Children’s Hospital, the field project was planned to meet the needs of our growing club. The project provided for the conversion of an open field, known by our coaches and players as “The Bowl”, into a new 11v11 field that will be available for use in the next year or so. Also, an existing 11 v 11 field was renovated through regrading and power seeding, and will result in two 9v9 fields for our expanding roster of teams. Our current field layout has slightly changed as a result of the project, but our existing fields are ready for action for the upcoming start of league play and a very busy home game schedule is set to start this weekend.

The transformation of “The Bowl” into a playing field was an idea that got its start many years ago. “I joined the Board eight years ago, and we talked about this back then. It’s great to see it is finally becoming a reality,” said Pat Progar, Medford Strikers Vice President.

Our Technical Director, James Galanis, sees the value of this project not only in the improved practice and game capabilities, but also in that it fulfills a promise to the club players and parents: “We promise our families that all fundraising proceeds go directly to the improvement of the club, whether it be new goals and nets, or something more extensive such as the current project. We are pleased to be able to invest in a long term project such as this, which could not have occurred without the support of our families and sponsors.”

Many, many thanks to the fundraising support of all the club families and the hard work of a great group of Striker dads!

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