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Medford Strikers Winter 4v4

Winter 4v4 Leagues Wrap-Up

As our Teams go outdoors this week, we want to reflect back on the winter 4v4 leagues across our younger teams, and thank the players and parents for their commitment, support and effort throughout the weekly games.

The newly formed teams helped our players build new and strengthen existing bonds, creating a strong sense of community at the club.

We also saw the teams play a good brand of soccer, with improvements each week, which made the coaching staff proud.

We want to congratulate the following teams for winning their respective championship games:

Young-Star League – Team 3 (Caroline Neal, William Kwelty, Ellie Walsh, and Anthony Giafaglione)
Champions League – Team 1 (Luke Chatten, Kristen Dinan, Nikki Dedes, Ava Caywood)
Super-Star League – Team 4 (Jack Bolognone, Matthew Marano, Bebel Trani, Jessica Mihalak)
All-Star League – Team 5 (Elliot Daids, Dillon Raparelli, Jill Harden, Charlee Grovat)

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