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2017 Medford Strikers Team Names

New Season Team Names Are Set…and so are we.

Welcome to the Medford Strikers for the 2016-2017 seasons! My coaching staff and I are eager to start preparing our players and teams for the upcoming season. Our club reached new heights last year as all teams improved immensely.

With the new age group changes we had the unique chance of restructuring our club. We were able to move players around and place them into age groups that will help them well into the future. We were also able to select new players that have potential to excel in our club.

13 new teams will be representing Medford Strikers moving forward. Teams will continue to play at the highest possible leagues and tournaments and train under our Team Development Program. It is going to be a new beginning for our club and a unique opportunity to come together and build a new foundation for the future.

Below you will find the names of our teams moving forward. I look forward to your continued support in the upcoming season.

U10 Impact U10 Surge
U11 Pride U11 Victory
U12 Mystic U12 Magic
U13 Scream U13 Roar
U14 Flash U14 Storm
U16 Stars U15 Academy Boys
U19 Academy Girls



James Galanis
Technical Director

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